Monday, February 05, 2007

My New Promo Video

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Mike B. said...

I'm wondering if you can help me. The other day I randomly thought about Buck Nolan, so I Googled him. Sadly I found out he passed about 3 years ago. Back in about 1980 in Rochester, NY I did an extensive photo essay on Buck while I was a student at RIT. He was there with the Shrine Circus. I spent several days and shows photographing Buck and had a we had a blast. I met Elmo at that show as well. I never did re-connect with Buck to show him the photos; I was hoping to see him again the following year. I'm wondering if you have any contact with his family or could point me in the right direction. I'd gladly scan the negatives for them. I think that they would like to have these images of Buck. He was a great guy who was very kind. I'm not really a blogger, so if you could e-mail me at I'd appreciate it.

Thank you,