Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sword "Gag"

Taking the idea of a clown gag to the extreme, here I am in the U.P. (the Upper Peninsula of Michigan) on a Shrine Circus date pretending to choke after performing a worse-than-terrible fake sword swallow with one of the show's light-up novelty swords borrowed from one of the kids in the audience.

It was a "stretch gag" as we were holding up the start of the show 20 minutes as people just kept pouring in.

As you can see it was a "straw house" for both shows, meaning that all of the seats were sold out so all of the kids came down and sat on the floor around the three rings. If I recall it was SRO (Standing Room Only) at both end tracks too.

Shows like these are great. The audience's energy really charges up the performers

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